Customer Registration and Subscription Notification to Admin

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Customer Registration and Subscription Notification to Admin
Get email notifications on new customer registration and newsletter subscription



By default Magento doesn't notify administrator about important events in your store. To avoid missing events, you need to check your Admin Panel frequently. The bassiwebs customer registration and subscription notification module will provide you feature to get email notification when a new customer registered and subscribed on your ecommerce store and save your time and efforts..


>> Easy to Install

>> Manageable from backend

>> No custom code required

>> Notification Enable/Disable options

>> Administrator email address option where notification goes to

>> Multi store support

Installation Tips:

1) Install through magento connect

2) Clear Cache

3) Logout and login again

4) For configuration, Navigate: System >> Configuration >> BASSIWEBS EXTENSIONS

Magento Compatibility: 1.5.x to